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long time no update || requests

hello, all! still not dead. in fact, as further proof of being not dead i have plenteous icons. plenteous icons that will be posted, uhm, soon. after i finish about a dozen or so more of them. but, to hold you over until then, and to max the amount of icon-practice i get (i'm rusty like woah), i'm offering this Request Post.

despite the amazing 88 of you that are still watching this comm, i don't expect to get too many requests, so just go hog wild and request however many icons you'd like. i'll put an arbitrary limit of, say, 20.

-all requests will be sharable. (unless you are good at arguing and can convince me otherwise.)
-requests will be posted en mass with the next icon post.
-comment with the image(s) you would like used.
-if you want any specific text, say so. if not, there will probably be no text. cuz that's how i roll.
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