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25 October 2008 @ 10:53 pm
sorry it took so long to post these, guys. i couldn't make myself stop making them. i thought i'd be doing Hetalia fanart icons for eternity. and then i kept getting super carried away with the request icons (lulz arbitrary limit of 20. so much for that.)

anywho, here's like a billion icons for you guys. largest post i've ever done.

this post:
Hetalia x61
Gurren Lagann x12
Koutetsu Sangokushi x49
Shareable Requests x71
--FF8 x27
--SMT: Nocturne x19
--Trigun x5
--Kingdom Hearts x3
--Sandman x20
TOTAL: 197 +alternates


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also i'm pimping mediariffic. free music, free music! everyone join and download mah shit!
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09 October 2008 @ 09:32 pm
hello, all! still not dead. in fact, as further proof of being not dead i have plenteous icons. plenteous icons that will be posted, uhm, soon. after i finish about a dozen or so more of them. but, to hold you over until then, and to max the amount of icon-practice i get (i'm rusty like woah), i'm offering this Request Post.

despite the amazing 88 of you that are still watching this comm, i don't expect to get too many requests, so just go hog wild and request however many icons you'd like. i'll put an arbitrary limit of, say, 20.

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22 December 2007 @ 01:06 pm
so. if it felt like i fell off the face of the earth, that's cuz i did. naw, i just chose not failing college over the internets. sometimes i have to put up a front of responsibility so i don't lose all my loans. (mmh, debt...) in any case, my paid membership expires tomorrow, so i thought i'd make one last post before going into hibernation/the new year. these are an accumulation of small fandom icons and a few i made here-and-there over the semester to relieve stress/waste time. i have some wallpapers i've been wanting to post, too, because i'm constantly making my own rather than just downloading some, but they're all on my laptop and i don't feel like transferring crap today. i'll save that for another post... (something to look forward to!) so. without further rambling, actual icons:

30 Seconds to Mars (these are really old) x4
Chrono Cross x2
Final Fantasy 8 x3
Misc (Boondock Saints, Wolf's Rain, Nightmare, Loveless, Tsubasa) x5
Total x14


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if you're looking for more icons, why not check out the affiliates? they make awesometastic icons.
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22 April 2007 @ 05:27 pm
today i bring you all assorted small-to-medium sized icon batches. also a new table format. hooray! not much else to say about this [collective] batch, though. watch out for wonky coloring experiments.

Akuma de Sourou x6
Naono Bohra x4
Saiyuki x7
Tactics x11
Video Games (Galerians, DMC, FF) x7
Total x40


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if you're looking for more icons, why not check out the affiliates? they make awesometastic icons.
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04 February 2007 @ 03:43 pm
i thought i had pretty much broken myself from making, like, eighty or so alternates of every icon, but it seems i was mistaken. in any case, i've decided i like the one-or-two fandom icon posts better than the 100+ icon posts: the tables are less of a bitch to code and things do not take five years to load. (hah, rhyme.) so today i have exactly two fandoms: 28 Days Later and Yami no Matsuei; one i've never iconned, and the other i haven't iconned in...a very long time. so, ze breakdown:

28 Days Later x11
Yami no Matsuei x21
Total x32


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also, pimping: mediariffic if you like media (music, anime, manga) sharing, and ynm_icontest if you like Yami no Matsuei and icontests. ynm_icontest needs participation liek woah.

and if you're looking for more icons, why not check out the affiliates? they make awesometastic icons.
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